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Thanks for this post this week. I have had many of the same thoughts about the way that social media and also streaming entertainment have made it harder to sink into the activities I used to enjoy. I used to read more books, write more, and go for more walks.

The question of how to use these tools for convenience and connection without letting them become compulsions is difficult to answer. I used to carry an SLR everywhere along with a notebook and a pen and a book and a map, now my phone is all these things, which makes my bag lighter, but also makes constant distraction so much more tempting.

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I read Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves To Death last month and this might have been a whole chapter in that book on its own.

Of course I can't relate to most of this since I am too young to remember when things where done the hard way. 😅

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This is really interesting to ponder. I do think I understand what you are saying here. I didn't learn photography before digital but perhaps the fleeting nature of what I take photos of helps make it something that is enjoyable and has opened up my eyes and awareness? Every day out in nature is different and I never know what will be there - and whatever is there may very well not be there the next day (and almost for sure won't be there in a month).

I know I need to disconnect from social media - and it feels like such a lonely thing to do too. So much to ponder, thank you!

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